Your Gig Internet is Finally Here!

Your favorite energy co-op is happy to bring you YOUR internet co-op. Altamaha Fiber has the fastest internet speeds in the area by more than 10X!

Why Choose Fiber?

Download Speeds of at least 25 Mbps are needed for streaming 4k videos.

Upload speeds are important for working at home and should be 4 Mbps for video calls. Higher levels allow better remote control of remote computers.

Latency is the lag time between actions. For gaming, low latency levels below 40 ms are recommended. The lower, the better.

Replace This

The Other Guys

Slow Internet
Expensive Satellite TV
Telephone Service

$280/month typical

With This

Fiber Internet for fast browsing, streaming, etc.
Telephone Service
TV Channel Lineups



Adaptve and proactive WiFi, only available from HomePass

Complete control at the touch of a button through the highly-rated HomePass by Plume app.